Tuesday, December 27, 2005

To Whet Your Appetite

We're just 19 days away from the monstrosity premiere of 24 Season Five. Since D and I will have so much effin' writing to do once the show kicks off, we have been lying low, at least 24-wise, since, oh... May. And we realize that. But if you want to constantly read blather about 24 there are endless fan sites devoted to such topics as who the sexiest character is (sadly, D isn't even in the top ten on most ballots) and if the Cubbies mug will make an appearance in Season Five. Remember, only Jack, Tony, Palmer and the Cubbies mug have appeared in all five seasons.

Anyway, if you've been watching Fox or F/X this month you've undoubtedly seen the promos for 24 and if you're like me, you've put your TiVo on "slow" mode to watch very carefully to see who is showing up in the promo as the clips flash by at light speed. Okay, maybe you're not like me but that's what I'm here for -- to be a 24 dork. Yeah, shut up.

So what I saw was a quick snippet of David Palmer, which shouldn't be a huge surprise. However, I think I also saw Wayne Palmer, David's brother and former Chief of Staff from Season Three. Could it be that the two of them are hangin' out, sippin' on gin and juice? I mean, Palmer's not the President anymore, so he should really just hang out and enjoy himself. Of course, he did order the raid on the Chinese consulate so that could be a problem.

Anyway, I also read that Dennis Haysbert, who plays Palmer, will appear in "at least the first episode." Now, last year, we knew he'd signed on for six episodes. Does this "at least the first episode" jibberjabber mean anything? Could Palmer be a target of attack to get Jack out of hiding? Hard so say.

If you're looking for more 24-preview info and you don't feel like paying $70 to buy Season Four to watch the 11-minute prequel to Season Five, you can check out this two-minute preview from Fox, offered in multiple formats for your viewing pleasure:

Enjoy. And tell your friends about us.

Monday, December 12, 2005

A Whole New Look

Much like Lindsay Lohan's breasts, we're changing in major ways. Things are looking all-new and fancy around here with a blog-style setup for Season Five of 24. You can still go to the link you've always used for The Unofficial Unauthorized 24 Page, where you will still find our previous reviews as well as some other random gibberish. However, the reviews for the upcoming season, as well as our occasional pithy posts with news of interest pertaining to 24 will be located here for the foreseeable future. With this comes several advantages:

  1. You can now comment. We're all about you, the loyal reader, and as with most blogs, you'll be able to post your thoughts and we can get some discussion going based on the reviews we dole out. Of course, this really means you need to comment after we post our reviews because, hey, if nobody comments we'll feel like bigger losers than usual.
  2. Less wait time for reviews to be posted. In the past, we'd write our reviews and then they'd sit in my "to do" bin for a while. If it was a review by D, I'd read it, edit out parts that were too risque, and add in commentary wherein he complimented me. No, actually, I just read through his reviews and then converted them to html and posted them to my Web site. What a pain in the ass. Plus, readers had to wait until I got around to doing all that. Hopefully being able to just cut and paste into a blog window will speed this process up. Of course, this now means D and I have less excuses as to why a particular review isn't done yet.
  3. Email capability. Now you can send our reviews to your friend in Bangladesh with ease! Or not. It's up to you.

I'm sure there are other advantages but I just can't think of any at the moment. As always, you can send a general query or email to us at Webmaster@NotTheRock.com or you can reach out to us in public here.

The posts will come fast and furious once the season gets rolling. Or so we hope.