Thursday, June 15, 2006

24: The Movie (Damn, That'll Be A Long-Ass Movie)

After much speculation, and Keifer's public comments that he'd love to do it, it looks like a 24 movie is going to be a reality, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Of course, things like this get to the pre-production stage quite often (think about how long it has taken for the Simpsons movie to come to life or the long-rumored Indiana Jones 4, to name two examples) and then move no further. But it sounds like this one will actually happen, especially if Season Six turns out to be as increasingly popular as Season Five was.

Does this mean the quality may suffer? I think so, given that this past season had the best ratings yet but was considered almost too ridiculous by the long-time viewers. Don't forget, though, to appeal to the masses, TV and movies need to be produced with the lowest-common-denominator, simpleton brains in mind. It sucks for everyone else but them's the breaks. It's yet another illustration of why we love 24 so much when it gives us a little biscuit for being longtime watchers and for, as I often say, paying attention.

Another thing that nobody will like but that we probably have no choice about is the fact that the real-time format will have to be relinquished. Don't holler too much, though; we all know there's really no way it could work for a movie. It's strictly a TV gimmick and a brilliant one at that. The movie might actually be helpful in filling in lots of gaps in between Seasons Six and Seven, or Seven and Eight, or maybe even as a wrap-up of Jack's story if Seven seasons turn out to be the run of 24. Remember, with a movie, there can be flashbacks and things of that nature, whereas the real-time format doesn't allow such things.

Oh, and you didn't think there were going to be no posts between May 2006 and January 2007, did you? I wouldn't do that to you.