Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Season 6; "Extended" Trailer

Day 6: Trailer
Reviewer: J

So how about that preview? I thought it was pretty cool myself and am curious what others think. Sure, we didn’t learn a whole lot, which is par for the course with previews and months-in-advance trailers, but we do know the following:

  • Wayne Palmer is indeed President. Pardon me while I break my arm patting myself on the back for predicting this a long time ago. Regardless, the good news is that Bill Buchanan went home after Day 5 and told Wayne he could come out of the attic. No word on whether they made sweet, sweet love after Bill broke down and told Wayne how he was sickeningly attracted to the dried-up hag that is Karen Hayes.
  • Chloe O’Brian is back and her hair looks somewhat different. She also looks as conflicted as ever and probably tired of doing shit off the books and behind people’s backs to save Jack’s ass.
  • Jack is being asked to “sacrifice himself.” I’m not entirely sure why. But we do see that he’s brought back from China or wherever he was being held and that Cheng Zhi, Bill and Curtis are present at the exchange.
  • Evidently, there are coordinated terrorist attacks happening across the United States – DC and LA are shown and Baltimore and San Antonio are mentioned. Could this mean we’ll be seeing more outside of Los Angeles this season? I’m all for that. Remember, though, that the real time format means we’re limited in certain ways. I can’t help but wonder if it takes a few hours to even get Jack to wherever they need him.
So I know I heard that we also get to meet Wayne’s sister and I also thought I heard that Greg Itzin and Jean Smart were coming back this season, although I’m not sure how that would work into the story. Speaking of the story, let’s hope that the writing staff thinks out the whole season in advance this time – it’s about the one major knock the show has had against it, changing courses and reinventing how things really occurred just to throw us off course.

My feeling from the preview is that the season is going to push the limits even further on Jack’s suffering and on the utter chaos going on within the United States. Hard to tell if there is a personal vendetta against Jack here and how that would be manifested, but it does appear that people are eager to kill him and what with all the “we’re asking you to sacrifice yourself” mumbo-jumbo, there must be some reason. The terrorists appear to again be middle eastern, so I suppose we could cobble together the possibility that Marwan’s associates are pissed off that Jack foiled Marwan. Or maybe Behrooz grew up and decided terrorism was indeed what he wanted to major in at Cal Tech. Who knows.

Kiefer is signed on for another two seasons, I think, and there is serious talk of filming the 24 movie after this season is done so I doubt Jack Bauer really “must die,” as the promo would have us believe. Again, I know I’ll love the show as always but I wouldn’t mind if Jack somehow regained his good name and was an official counter terrorism agent or government official again or something. Or maybe….President one day?

Curious as to others’ thoughts. (I see D already offered up his in the comments section of the post below!)


Monday, October 23, 2006

Three-Month Tease

So now they'll whet our appetites for nearly three months with seizure-inducing, flash-shot trailers that you have to watch on "slow" with your TiVo to even see who is in them. Don't get me wrong, it gets me amped just to see the announcements that it's coming back and that it'll be here before we know it.

As all of you loyalists know, tomorrow the trailer will be revealed.... in Times Square, among other places. Normally, I'd be there in Times Square to see it (nothing like being in a touristy, crowded area while watching a show about terrorism) but I have to be in Boston this week for work. Such is life.

Once I get a glimpse of the trailer, I'll post some thoughts (perhaps a mini-review of sorts) and we can all play "Did you see that?"