Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Wonder If His Dad Ever Pretended To Be Dead

Well, I'm doing pretty well with my consistent, once-a-month postings on here, huh?

According to Access Hollywood (and god help me for linking somewhere I would have sworn I'd never endore in any way), we'll get to meet Jack's father this upcoming season and he'll be played by James Cromwell. I'm more than a little disappointed that they didn't somehow bring in Donald Sutherland to play Jack's father since it would be, well, perfect. No word (to my knowledge) as to whether this was attempted or not. One would think old dad would welcome the chance to do such a role.

The article also corroborates other rumors about Milo Pressman and Morris O'Brian returning as well as of Wayne being the President now. The article also states that Season Six will pick up 20 months later so it'll be interesting to see Jack's status. I am hoping the between-seasons bridge on the Season Five DVD set will be worthwhile this year, though it's more likely that it'll be nothing more than glorified product placement (like it was last year for Toyota).